Micky's Story continued...

The next 10 years were the most chaotic of my life. I began to spiral down into alcohol and drug use which led to me losing my home, close relationships and pretty much my sanity. Despite being from North London the authorities housed me a couple of hours away, leaving me feeling very isolated. Eventually I just hit the streets and ended up sleeping rough and completely alone as I didn’t want to get involved with other street drinkers.    

One day, someone discovered me in a sleeping bag in the pouring rain. I was quickly referred to Joel and never looked back. The Joel Community was all embracing - like a family. Despite everything I’d been through, it was good to hear other people’s stories and put things into perspective. I’d been isolated for so long but now I could finally relax and take a break from the madness.

After staying at Joel for 3 months I moved into the YMCA and things are going really well. There are lots of former guests there and we all still sit around the table, just like being back in Joel! Joel has given me the strength to pick myself up and the belief that I can start again." 

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